The Danger Of Accommodating

Stop being so accommodating

It means not being genuine, and when you're not genuine people pick up on it. Gandhi refused to move from his seat on a train and as a result was literally thrown off the train. If you manage your time properly then you will only have to make excuses in extraordinary circumstances and you will develop a reputation for integrity.

It takes a lot of effort

You act like you need nothing, you get nothing. Personally I'm bad at this too. It takes a lot of effort to say yes, when we really mean no, to say we're okay, when we're really not, to always focus on the other person's needs, when we have a boatload of needs of our own. Not a fun place to be, and even worse when you're seated between a couple talking over you while passing things back and forth to each other.

The problem with being accommodating is the focus gets shifted to what doesn't matter. It's not rudeness, but honesty that makes me dislike giving reasons. So when you text, out of a need for validation, with the expectation of a response from him, he will not want to reply. You can drive yourself nuts overanalyzing everything your partner says or does.

The Danger Of Accommodating - Mahler's Aggressive Strength

Not a fun placeIt means not being genuine andGandhi refused to movePersonally I'm bad at this

You don't have to explain your actions to others nor get their approval. And that's when it hit me. But for me being alone has always felt like a refuge, a place where I could retreat and be who I really was. From an early age we're taught to accommodate others at the expense of ourselves.

But even great guys will fall into the convenient relationship. You then probably tried to figure out what you did wrong so that you could avoid failure in any future relationships.

You act like you need