Rare Molière French Books

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Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization, vol. La Fleche explains that there are some conditions attached to the loan. He suspects him of stealing something from him. Harpagon's first reaction is to hold Anselme responsible for the theft of his money.

He suspects himLa Fleche explains that

Cleante is ready to accept them whatever they are, so long as he can get money to give to his beloved. Satire and farce blend in the fast-moving plot, as when the miser's hoard is stolen. Cleante is shocked and rushes off the stage. Harpagon mistrusts him and suspects him of wanting to rob him. Valere reveals that he is the son of a man of high rank, Dom Thomas d'Alburcy from Naples.

On his search

Rare Molière French Books

He is furious with Elise for falling for Valere, especially since he believes him to be a thief. She is shocked at how unattractive Harpagon is when they first meet and then even more shocked to be introduced to Harpagon's son, who is no other than the man with whom she is herself in love. He does not want to force Elise into an unhappy marriage. Master Jacques accuses Valere of stealing Harpagon's gold.

Harpagon confides in the audienceCleante expresses a lack of

On his search for his father he had met, saved, and fallen for Elise and had decided the best way to be near her was to assume the role of servant. Harpagon confides in the audience expresing anxiety about the large sum of money he has buried in the garden. Cleante expresses a lack of interest in her.

Its History Literature and Influence

When they approach Harpagon thinks that they are plotting to steal from him. As Master Jacques leaves, he brings the two men together physically on stage to show their new found accord and then leaves them to a new argument. Master Jacques insists that he can only produce excellent food if given money. She opposes her father's plans to wed her to the elderly Anselme, who has agreed to take her without a dowry.