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Let's break this down as much as possible and still be rock and roll. Like, you only need to have three legs on a table. Meg's never had goals of being Neil Peart or anything, and that's what I love about her. There's nothing else I can do.

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So I think that's turning into something really interesting now. It's too important to me to keep messing with the vocal chords like that. Their old manager said something in an interview someone read to me, about him wanting to exploit the situation, and use it to his political advantage.

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Oh no, you didn't see them, we never brought them over. And all of a sudden we had friends and people to talk to. Once, while I was still an apprentice, there was a piece of fabric wrapped around a couch, and my master had put one staple here, one staple here, one staple there.

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Then used us in a bad way by stabbing us in the back. And all those rhythms start coming out through your hands when you're playing. But that's hard when you have five people in the band.

You couldn't have one or two, but three was the minimum way to upholster something. We even give them ready made covers. That's what it was all about.

But since our last name was White, we decided to call it The White Stripes. And if you're not out to hurt anybody, then you won't get hurt in the end. What the songs are, how we present them live, and what the aesthetic is, art-wise, to what we're creating.

If you truly support and love an artist then they are worth your money and could use a couple bumps up in the charts. But those bands on our level with people getting it that way and not buying it - we could really use that money laughs I've never gone on there to Napster. When me and Meg started playing in Detroit, we didn't have any friends. That's, like, the least amount of upholstery work you could do and call it upholstery. We purposely confined ourselves to help us be more focused.

You're just gonna be one of a million people. It's vocals, guitar and drums, and then rhythm, melody and storytelling. But obviously this is not the case in more other environments. My voice was getting really really bad. To have a focused vision like Jack does, there's no way he can compromise that.

It just puts you so in tune with rhythm and changes. Wearing red and white has meaning. If you can follow that then you should be fine. The Lenny Kravitz album, the same. For some reason, it just makes people think about stuff.

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Meg on the flip side does not seem to have this fascination which can be traced to Jack's upholstery days. Sometimes it would go away for a week, we'd be on tour and I'd sing really great and then it would come back for six months. That's what I was talking about as well. Everyone can recognize a White Stripes record.

Because you can be lazy if you don't know the truth. When you belong to a political party, it doesn't matter if it's a monkey or Einstein who's the one running, you vote for him because he's a part of that party.