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Edmund brings his sword down on the Witch's wand, breaking it, and the Witch herself is chased to the top of a ravine by Peter. The knight claims that the Lady is his saviour, as only she can break the curse that is on him. Eustace tells Jill about Narnia, and while running away from bullies, they pass through a doorway into Aslan's country. In the darkness, they fall down a slope deep into the ground.

The owls then speak of their belief that the woman in the forest and the deadly serpent are one and the same. Edmund is particularly cruel to her.

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Aslan appears at the entrance to Cair Paravel, congratulating Eustace and Jill for their success. They enter the wardrobe and all four find themselves in Narnia. Miraz lies wounded on the ground and Glozelle finishes him off with a knife.

They are greeted by a knight wearing a silver mask. Puddleglum is the one who undoes the binds, and the knight is freed, upon which he destroys the Silver Chair.

He is even more sure of this when he hears that Edmund has been in Narnia before, by himself, and had not told the others what he had done or who he had met. They are welcomed warmly by the giants, and given good food and a warm place to sleep. One day Lord Drinian, one of Caspian's friends, noticed a change in Rilian, and was invited by the prince to enter the woods. He is confused by her question, and she is running out of patience before she finally asks him if he is human.

There, they are captured by Earthmen to be taken to the Queen of the Underworld. The pair meet Trumpkin the dwarf, who is King Caspian's trusted advisor. She is kind to Edmund, giving him warm drink and his favourite food - Turkish delight. Rilian returned to the woods many times to hunt the serpent, but failed.

They watch as Aslan walks to the Stone Table, where the White Witch and her followers are waiting for him. As adults, the four monarchs are passing through the forest when they come across the old lamp-post that marks the border of Narnia.

Mr Beaver then tells them that Edmund has gone to the White Witch, as he had the look of someone who had been with the Witch. The two meet an owl named Glimfeather, who tells them that the king who just left is King Caspian X. Caspian then sees Aslan alone, and is informed that one of his crew must left alone at the end of the world if the lords are to awaken. She eventually bids farewell to Edmund and reminds him to come and see her soon. The four Pevensies return home, with Aslan telling them that Peter and Susan will not return, but Edmund and Lucy will.

Peter gets a sword and shield, Susan gets a bow, quiver of arrows and a horn, and Lucy gets a bottle of magical healing cordial, and a dagger. That night, Susan and Lucy follow Aslan as he leaves the encampment.

Susan and Lucy spend the night at the Stone Table with Aslan's body. Peter eventually fights Miraz and in the struggle Miraz falls upon Peter's sword when he becomes unbalanced. Caspian establishes that the bracelet was a possession of Lord Octesian, who is likely to have perished on that island. They soon fall asleep but are awakened hours later by the sound of jingling bells.