King keraun simone dating

King keraun simone dating

Before I knew it, it got real. Soon people couldn't stop fixating on how much money these mostly millennial creators were making on the app, and how it had spawned a new breed of internet celebrity. He used his newfound celebrity status to advertise for multiple companies seeking to use new media to promote their products.

Harris said the job made his nose bleed. Keraun has also been blessed to partner with other social media stars.

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Simone was a struggling actress and Keraun had spent time in prison before making it big on the platform. The pair say that mixing business and personal does cause rifts but that they never compete against each other because their industry is already hard enough without that particular added pressure. Using Vine, they both turned everything around and become major influencers.

Many often citing depression from not being able to get a job, family issues, or just adjusting to life on their own after being inside for a certain period of time. For super riveting insight into Vine and relationships on the platform, check out the rest of Fusion's mini doc. But his rise to social media stardom was a bumpy one.

King Keraun Simone Dating Dating A Fellow Aa Member

Before I knew it it gotKeraun has also been blessed