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Kyle is released from prison and begs Ryan to give them a chance, but Ryan vehemently refuses. However, it is confirmed Ryan died when his body is discovered. Its nice sometimes to talk about it, you get more insight. Harry is arrested for Amy's murder. He guilt trips Texas into starting a relationship with him.

However it is confirmed Ryan died

Hollyoaks spoilers –​ Joel drawn back to Cleo after nasty beating

Kyle is released from prison and

Texas discovers the truth about Will's deception and he pushes her out of a window. Everyone loves Cleo and to see her go through such a rough time is really really sad. No its not, its nice we get to take stuff home with us sometimes. Silas prepares to murder Texas but she begins talking about India, revealing that she was Cameron's intended date.

He spies on her and convinces Texas to marry him. Believing that he has killed her, Ryan places Tegan in the bath to make it look like an accident. Ryan returns from Canada and begs Amy to marry him. Its going to be tragic for the audience. Tegan awakes from her coma and reveals everything Ryan has done.

Ryan has Kyle arrested for drug dealing to stop him from exposing their affair to Mercedes, but Kyle ends up telling her anyways and she dumps Ryan. Amy finds out Ryan cheated and dumps him so he leaves for Canada. James begins to take things too far and Ryan cuts ties with him. What Hollyoaks does so well is to get these things right, treated with respect but within the time slot. James is suspicious and confronts Ryan, who emotionally admits that he sleeps with men.

Ryan leaves town fearing that the truth about him will be exposed. Ryan takes over raising Leah and Lucas.

Its nice sometimes to talk about

Tegan is upset with Ryan when she learns he already knew what Harry did. You want to address the problem, but Joel has tried and Cleo has been defensive and shot him down.