Dating yakuza 3

Dating yakuza 3

Kazuma defeats Long, and he is shot dead by the man who attacked Nakahara. Additional castings total three hundred and sixty characters, who appear in the main adventure and sub-scenarios. Nakahara is taken to be killed, and Kazuma rescues him, though not before Rikiya is shot dead by Tamashiro. They fight, and Kazuma wins. Nakahara's adopted daughter Saki has run away and he's become drunk and depressed.

Kazuma intercepts Joji, and defeats him. In return for his help, Tamiya asks Kazuma to protect Toma, his former secretary, from a planned hit by Joji. It does not use anti-aliasing but it supports p mode upscale. Chase Battle is a new battle mode which replaces the regular brawling Kenka with a running sequence set within a certain area.

Compared with the earlier episodes, the Kamurocho area has some minor changes with additional backstreets and landmarks. When confronted, Majima challenges him to fight. Critically wounded, Kazuma seemingly gives his dying words to Haruka. When Nakahara refuses to reconsider his actions, Kazuma makes it clear that he will not leave, no matter what.

When equipped, it permanently maintains the Heat Gage at maximum level. Nakahara refuses to look for Saki, believing that she would never choose to live with him after learning that her mother has returned to town. Richardson explains that he has been using Mine as a way to gain access to what he believes to be an advanced missile defense system, unaware that it does not exist. Returning home, Kazuma finds the orphanage in ruins, demolished by Tamashiro on Mine's orders.

Fleeing from the scene, Kazuma is rescued by Date, his old friend who now works as a journalist. They track Kanda to a love hotel, where Kazuma beats him for information. Twenty minigames are available in Adventure mode.

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Kazuma and Rikiya go searching and learn that Saki's mother is working with Tetsuo Tamashiro, the patriarch of a rival family, who plans to use Saki as leverage to seize Nakahara's territory. Kazuma is confronted by a man in dirty clothing, who is revealed to be Hamazaki, having survived the implied attempt on his life. This perspective allows for better observation of the streets and people in them, but looking at certain people in the eyes while using First Person View will provoke them, causing them to attack. Putting his orphans in the care of Haruka, Kazuma returns to Kamurocho, where he is ambushed by a group of mysterious foreigners.

The latter can only be fought in this mode. Next to her is a man, who, as the camera turns, is revealed to be a bandaged Kiryu, having survived the stabbing, and he goes on to continue running Sunshine Orphanage with Haruka by his side. When the stamina gauge is empty the exhausted character stops the chase. Dojima makes a surprise visit to the Ryudo Family's offices, and reveals that Tamashiro was working with Yoshinobu Suzuki, a powerful politician, to secure the land for the resort.

Richardson shows up, and Mine admits that he is, in fact, the leader of Black Monday. Kazuma offers to help him, but Hamazaki, blaming him for his misfortune, stabs him in the stomach before being subdued. This time Kazuma uses the built-in camera on his cell phone to record new moves and techniques. The game ends with Kiryu succeeding in his mission, and he and Haruka meet to explore the town.

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Both the chaser and person being chased have a stamina gauge that decreases if the character runs, is hit with a thrown object, or collides with a passer-by. Humiliated, Rikiya takes him to see Nakahara, who explains that he is being pressured to sell the orphanage's land which he owns for a new seaside resort.

Kazuma defeats Tamashiro, and Saki chooses to return to Nakahara. He loses, and explains that Hamazaki was the one who got him the contract as part of a larger plan to take control of the Tojo Clan and Kamurocho. Nevertheless, he prepares to finish off Kazuma.

Daigo, having woken up from his coma, suddenly shoots him through the chest before Mine, in an act of self-sacrifice, throws himself and Richardson off the roof to their deaths. One of them, Rikiya Shimabukuro, challenges him to a fight, which Kazuma wins. These scenes can be skipped by pressing the Start button, but this can only be done after enabling the scene-skipping option in the menu, which is turned off by default.

Six months later, while running the orphanage, Kazuma spots two men spying on him and chases them off. These are acquired through hints and incidents spotted in First Person View.

The game ends with