How to Turn Microsoft Word into a Terrific Screenwriting Program

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Some fonts are not usable for any purpose, commercial or personal. When in doubt, use the default Courier font on your word processor. For example, save it to your desktop. Once you learn the basics and shortcuts, the program gets out of the way and allows you to focus completely on your craft.

No jazzy stuff, bold fonts or styles or colors. To unload a template or add-in but leave it under Global templates and add-ins, clear the check box next to the name of the item. Make a template or add-in available whenever you start Word Load templates or add-ins When you load a template or add-in, it remains loaded for the current Word session only. Note the location listed for Startup. For a free software that works great, take a look at Celtx.

These are the reasons you should study and stick to one kind of formatting. Then delete the text in your document and save it again. It allows you to stop worrying about formatting and concentrate on your screenplay.

To unload a template or addinNo jazzy stuff

This will put an automatic number before your character name. Finally, put your cursor to the right of the number and add a period. Scripts read cleaner without them. It is malleable to a certain extent. Once you load the load the template you will have an extra tab on your ribbon called Add-Ins.

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This is strictly for the U. This post is too long already. The location where you've stored the template or add-in determines whether it's loaded when you start Word. Courier is a font in which every character uses the same width. Follow their guidelines strictly.

Make a template or addin

It will word wrap automatically. Stick to the margins, and keep your font fixed at Courier point pitch. It works for Windows, Macs and Linux.

Then copy the font to your font directory before the trial version expires. You are now ready to start typing your screenplay How the template works The template works by using predefined styles to create the screenplay format. It helps others to skim through your script faster. Save it on your hard drive before proceeding.

If your additional parentheticals require more than one line use the same method. Repeat as necessary for more parentheticals. Before you use fonts, make sure there are no licensing fees involved. On the next line write your full name only first letter is capitalized.

Save to this location the template or add-in that you want available when you start Word. Follow the Nicholl this article system. This takes you to a new line in the same formatting.

Good scripts need to be copied. If your script is good, then the reader will want to meet you. Choose screenplay with styles and hotkeys.

Now write your second parenthetical. The last thing to do is save this document. Pitch refers to the number of characters per inch horizontally. This length works well on most scripts. This will give you a blank script template doc.