Dating mental illness uk

Dating mental illness uk

Other nights she'd call me slurring into the phone because she'd gotten drunk alone in her apartment. Don't be defined by your illness but it is an important part of who you are so don't avoid talking about it. If the person you've just started dating discloses to you that they have a mental illness, don't stigmatise them and immediately end the relationship. Over time I grew more and more drained, and eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. You deserve to be happy and in a loving relationship, so take that first step and give yourself a chance to let it happen.

Some men gave upBut at the same time the

To not do so in this particular situation would be to stigmatise her - i. That's just taking care of yourself. Three years ago, I was hospitalised for my bipolar disorder.

Ask them how far along the road to recovery they are. How open should I be on my Match. Instead, read up on their illness so that you know more about it, and ask them how they're handling it.

When it came to writing my profile on Match. Not everyone has a propensity to deal with such difficulties - even if those difficulties are likely to be temporary because the mentally ill party is receiving treatment. We had some good times, but more often than not, our relationship was strenuous and exhausting. When the study was published, numerous people tweeted or Facebook messaged me the results, and expressed their disappointment and disgust about the stigma surrounding mental illness.

And that's not stigmatising the person in question. Some men gave up on me due to this, but some understood.

But at the same time, the truth is that it's not always a good idea to date someone with a mental illness. We all have our tastes and preferences in potential suitors, and I don't think it's fair to play the stigma card just because someone would rather date a person who's not mentally unstable. Being a naturally very anxious person, I find it difficult to meet people in some of the traditional ways going to bars and clubs, playing sports, etc. Meeting new people can be difficult when you have a mental illness Meeting new people can be especially difficult when you have a mental illness.

And that's not stigmatising the person