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In contrast, demand for physicians often exceeds their supply which may explain why physicians from developing countries find it easy to get work permits in industrialized countries. Becoming a physician requires years of education, persistence, as well as training. The Wealthiest Celebrities vs. He previously spent seven years as the Managing Editor of a large digital entertainment portal. Salaries for acting vary greatly.

He has only been in the tabloids non-stop for the past year due to his infidelities and subsequent divorce. These on again and off again lovers recently welcomed a daughter to the world in December by the name of Kaya Evdokia Klitschko. Physicians may be earning millions later in their career unlike construction workers simply because the economics of their profession is more attractive.

While the top earning celebrity actors catch most of the headlines and the biggest paychecks, many more actors work in smaller roles in plays, theater or lower budget film and television productions. Regardless, the beautiful pair seem most happy and in control of their life. Harvard-educated writer Edward Conlon says some cops make less than panhandlers, let alone the wealthiest celebrities. Most people would agree that the job of a construction worker is harder than a physician yet physicians earn more than construction workers.

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High Ceiling Acting can provide a high, virtually undefined ceiling for earning potential, as evidenced by notable celebrity actors. The first explanation is that high salaries of professional athletes are simply the outcome of economics forces of demand and supply. She has a handful of films to her credit, including Rock of Ages and Safe Haven, and is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. They were also subject to the phone hacking scandal that befell dozens of celebrities last summer, but remained defiant and proud.

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Unlike construction workers, physicians have invested lot of time and efforts in their training and not everyone has the perseverance to endure the hard work required to become a physician. The work can be physically and mentally demanding, and may involve long hours and high levels of stress.

Though not required, actors often have degrees in acting or theater. The opponents argue that salaries of professional athletes reflect the same level of greed that has become a trademark of Corporate America. Those with high salaries usually fall within the highest tax brackets. Once again, long distance plays a factor. Horn of course lives in California, so if the Cavs win a championship this year, perhaps Love is one and done with the Northeast city and heading for the coast.

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The average single year salaries of these professional teams are more than what most Americans make in their lifetimes. And they bought it in cash.

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They can also compare one opportunity with another. When you do the math, the salaries of wealthy celebrities like Diaz, Immelt and Knowles seem absurd compared to that of typical American workers.

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Before that, actors have to pay all the people that help make them a star. The opponents basically approach the issue from moral point of view. More actors struggle to earn a living than make it big. And it doesn't stop there, Peyton is current working on negotiating a new contract with the colts. Most Americans have to work hard to earn their livelihood while athletes get guaranteed pay even when they fail to deliver the promised performance or miss out on the whole seasons due to injuries.

With bigger budget, blockbuster productions expected to earn a lot of revenue, actors earn more income. Stoll and Andrews have been dating for about two years. Sure, A-Rod may hit more homers than anybody, but police officers repeatedly put their lives on the line.

At least not from the side of the actress. Brian's favorite rags to riches billionaire is Kirk Kerkorian.

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